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I like coming to Starlets because I enjoy singing and like doing the shows. - Lois

I like coming to Starlets because I like to sing. - John

Starlets is good because we learn lots of new songs and meet new people. - Grace


I like coming to Starlets because I like to sing. - Chloe

I like it when we tell each other about our day. I also like the singing because it's fun. - Emily

I like coming here because I learn lots of different songs. I also like doing all of the different shows. - Ruby

I like to come because instead of just singing alone you get to sing with a group. - Keely

I like coming along to sing at choir and see my friends. I also like to come to practice my singing so when I'm older I can sing. - Shakira

I like making new friends and meeting new people. - Raeanne

I enjoy coming to Starlets because I'm seeing friends, meeting new people and learning songs that I wouldn't have known if I didn't come. - Ashlea

I like coming because my singing has improved. - Jack

I really enjoy Starlets because I like singing with a lovely group and a lovely teacher. I love the variety of songs we do. Also, I love entering the room and always feeling at home and welcome when everyone smiles, it brightens my evening. Thankyou! Also I love the heart and laughter that everyone puts into a song. - Bronwyn


Marcia is a wonderful teacher. She has helped me grow into the performer I am today, and continues to show support. Lessons with Marcia are comfortable and a good laugh, but most importantly they give me the chance to develop my skills. Since having lessons, my voice and confidence are much stronger. I would never pass up on the opportunity to recommend such a lovely teacher to friends or family. - Chelsea

I am very proud of everyone's results at the 2016 exam sessions. In total 23 candidates entered for grade exams in piano and music theatre. 18 came away with distinctions and 5 came away with merits. 

The 2016 student show 'In One Voice' was a huge success. It was the story of an upcoming singing competition, and how the whole town needed to work together to be successful. Everyone worked so hard and we had some great feedback.


The Rotary club of Nuneaton hold a young musician competition every year at Nicholas Chamberlaine School. In 2016 three of my students took first, second and third place in the senior section. Well done to singer Ciaran who won, pianist Brandon who took second place and Chelsea, also a singer, who came third.

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